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Office Parties That Rock In Lancaster, South Carolina

Wednesday, September 29, 2010 @ 03:09 AM

Vegas Night

– Have the party in your office or at Edwards Scott House.

There are companies you can find on the internet that will set up this type of party for you and supply the equipment or if you use a caterer they will probably have a company they deal with.

Let the employees enjoy the night with appetizer style food served either as a buffet or being walked around (or both), also decide if you would like to have a bar at the party.

We can help Scott Sistare the owner is a great bartender and will serve drinks at no extra cost to hire him.

Then give everyone a set amount of play money to use at the various games. Have your company buy a variety of prizes.

Then let people trade in their play money at the end of the night for a set amount of play money per raffle ticket.

Then draw the winners at a certain time of the evening before the party ends. Everyone gets to socialize playing the games and many walk home with little gifts that they win in the raffle.

A fun night for all. Game Night –

Similar to Vegas night, but have different games set up like a gameshow, these could be physical, mental, or luck based games.

You can draw the players out of a hat. While the games are going on you could either have a seated dinner or a buffet dinner.

Have small prizes for everyone that wins.

This would work better for small companies that way odds of getting everyone involved in one of the games at some point is better.
From your friends at Edwards Scott House.

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