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Office Party 2010 on a Budget at Edwards Scott House

Monday, September 27, 2010 @ 03:09 AM

The easiest way to save money on food is to forgo a sit-down dinner or huge buffet.

While everyone else hosts cocktail parties, have coffee and dessert instead.
Set up a coffee bar to accompany an assortment of cakes, cookies and other decadent treats.
We can quote some very affordable pricing but book your 2010 office Party early to avoid the rush and to save money on avoiding alcohol and hosting a party in the late afternoon or lunch only.

For the coffee bar, start with freshly brewed coffee (regular and decaf). You might also add hot chocolate for non-coffee drinkers. Then, supply a selection of flavored creamers and liqueurs to encourage creative mixing.

It’s Christmas, Charlie Brown!

” Since 1964, A Charlie Brown Christmas has been charming the world with its touching tale of the true meaning of Christmas.
Get back to the basics with bibble readings from your favorite bibble readings.
Iconic scenes from the cartoon special have worked their way into pop culture history, including Charlie Brown’s spare Christmas tree and Linus’ Bible reading from the Gospel of Luke.

Celebrate the cherished innocence and heartwarming message by hosting a Charlie Brown Christmas themed holiday party for your office workers and friends.

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