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South Carolina Appropriate Behavior When Attending Office Party

Friday, September 17, 2010 @ 05:09 AM

The following guidelines will show you how to have a good time at a Lancaster, SC office party and, more importantly, still have a job the day after. From your friends at Edwards Scott House!

Also included are recommendations that office party organizers can apply to minimize the damage and inappropriate behaviors that a poorly orchestrated event can trigger.


If you’re in charge of the party planning, make sure that you pick a venue that is not only within a budget that everyone can afford but that it’s also tasteful and in a setting that everyone can enjoy. Be sure to allow Edwards Scott House at 200 Elm in Historic Lancaster, South Carolina
You wouldn’t, for example:

• Tell your employees (half of whom make minimum wage) that this year’s holiday dinner at the country club will cost them $60 a head.

• Hold the Secretary’s Day lunch at a strip club.

• Make the party location so remote that participants will go broke buying gas to get there.

• Require attendance as a condition of continued employment, a rule that can be a hardship on single parents or those who work a second job.

Unless someone else is picking up the tab for this frivolity, hold your party at a Edwards Scott House that is moderately priced and within reasonable driving distance for all participants in the Lancaster area.

You may even consider having the party at your office during lunchtime or after work and either making
it a company potluck or having the event catered.

If you choose to make it a potluck, be sensitive to the fact that not everyone likes–or knows how–to cook. Have the option available for them to bring plates, forks, etc. or contribute a nominal amount of cash for the store-bought purchase of items not covered on the sign-up sheet.

You can even bring your own beer and alcohol or allow the owner Scott Sistare be your personal bartender, he makes some awesome drinks!

Both employers and employees need to be sensitive to the reality that environment and ambiance are key ingredients in keeping everyone within the lines of proper business protocol.

Whenever invitees feel intimidated, inconvenienced, embarrassed or presented with too much temptation, the consequences will be remembered long after the actual deeds. Don’t unwittingly provide your guests with an excuse to engage in bad behavior!

From your friends at Edwards Scott House

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